Customer stories with: Benno Faase - Fidendum IT

“ecommit offers a convenient way to compensate.”

This is Benno. Benno can help you with customized ICT solutions. In a solution to make his company Fidendum-IT more sustainable, ecommit helped him

Benno is very socially involved. This is evident in his way of living and working. Electric cars are driven within the company and privately. Recycling and reusing materials as much as possible is an important goal. And also offering free service to, for example, the regional food bank proves this. For which he had not yet found an effective solution? Becoming climate neutral in the short term. "The world is deteriorating rapidly. As an individual and entrepreneur, I would like to help counter this. Various options are also offered for this purpose, but as far as I am concerned they do not sufficiently connect. They are too expensive, prove less effective afterwards or take too long to achieve results," Benno explains. "ecommit does offer a convenient way to offset and you make a contribution right away. You immediately contribute to a better world." There arose a beautiful collaboration between Fidendum and ecommit!

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