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A passionate team of driven people who help accelerate the sustainability transition.

Meet the ecommit team. We are a group of driven and experienced people who help accelerate the sustainability transition and make it accessible to every entrepreneur.

Ecommit Team

Meet our team

“It's a dynamic, meaningful and very fun job!”

Meer over Verena Jongepier

Verena Jongepier

CEO & co-founder

“I think it is important to deal with the world in a good way”

Meer over Joe Sykes

Joe Sykes

Head of CO2 & co-founder

“The platform is high-tech and revolutionary. We bring CO2 supply and demand together”

Meer over Jan Walhout

Jan Walhout

Business Strategy

“Ecommit is a pure system to finance carbon offsets in an easy and reliable way”

Meer over Lennard van Oeveren

Lennard van Oeveren

Finance & Procurement Strategy

Edo Koole

CFO (interim)

“Our lifestyle has consequences for our earth's ecosystem”

Meer over Koen Verhaeghe de Naeyer

Koen Verhaeghe de Naeyer

Head of Product

“There is a tailor-made solution to cover CO2 emissions for every business”

Meer over Patrick Lindhout

Patrick Lindhout

Director of Sales

“We want to be part of the solution to tackle climate”

Meer over Hester van Dord

Hester van Dord

Legal Counsel

“We make the complex matter simple and accessible for everyone”

Meer over Patrick Elfferich

Patrick Elfferich

Head of Product & Design

“I see ecommit as a working example of transparency”

Meer over Jeroen van Brink

Jeroen van Brink

Head of Software Development

“Avoiding all emissions seems like an illusion to me, which is why offsetting via ecommit is such a great addition”

Meer over Piet de Nooijer

Piet de Nooijer


“By participating in ecommit, I am indirectly helping to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air”

Meer over Kevin Dierkx

Kevin Dierkx


“Ecommit is a team working with faith on this unique concept”

Meer over Marcel Babijn

Marcel Babijn


“We can raise awareness and turn goals into actions”

Meer over Maxine Steketee

Maxine Steketee

Co2 Specialist

Mirjam Koole

Business Management Support

“Informing our followers of new developments”

Meer over Fanny Verweij

Fanny Verweij

Social media & CO2-communicatie

“We aim to make the world a better place”

Meer over Nicander Lauwaars

Nicander Lauwaars

Chief Data Officer

“It's important to overthink how you can make a positive impact on the climate”

Meer over Sander van Ham

Sander van Ham

Online Marketing Specialist

“Ecommit gives opportunity to accelerate transition to sustainable economy”

Meer over Stan Marcusse

Stan Marcusse

Video editor

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