Customer stories with: Ineke Hengsdijk - Eeterij ‘iets anders’

“ecommit came in with a good and watertight story that fit well with what we had in mind. Together we came up with the construction to add 1% to every customer bill. We invest this in projects that help reduce CO2-emissions through ecommit.”

Ineke Hengsdijk wants to involve her guests in the sustainability of Eeterij 'Iets Anders'. To make them more aware of what effect a bite to eat has on nature. ecommit thought along in the creation and development of an idea.

It all seems so normal, that you can buy anything you feel like. And that in most cases it is delivered to your home within a day. That's why, when possible, Ineke chooses local products like Zeeland's salty delights and Dutch dikbil. She also wanted to do something with the CO2 emissions that are involved in producing, delivering and preparing products. That's where ecommit comes in. "They came in with a nice and watertight story that fits well with what we have in mind. Together we came up with the construction to add 1% to every customer bill. We then invest this in projects that help reduce CO2 emissions through ecommit," Ineke explains.

Ineke and her family really love nature and find its preservation very important. A sustainable lifestyle fits in with that. For example, they consciously choose to live small with a family of five. They also try to use bicycles instead of cars as much as possible and pay attention to heating and lighting. They are also currently investigating how best to insulate the entire building and make it gas-free. A great plan for the future should come out of this!

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