Customer stories with: Jackij Aers – Aers Energy BV

“As an oil trader, we are naturally one of the bigger polluters in the world. Therefore, it is extra important to take our responsibility.”

Jackij Aers likes to pass on a liveable world and his company AERS Energy soon to the next (fourth) generation. This is why he takes his responsibility and chooses CO2 compensation via ecommit.

"I'll just say it: as an oil trader, we are of course one of the bigger polluters in the world. That's why it's extra important to take responsibility and go green where we can" Jackij says. They are already doing this in various ways. By offering GoodFuels HVO100 fossil-free diesel, charging stations for electric driving (also for trucks) and alternative fuels such as LNG and hydrogen. All of which will soon be available together at the new Truckstop in Zeebrugge Harbour. In addition, they compensate 1 cent per liter through carbon credits from ecommit. To contribute to projects that help take CO2 out of the air and improve the world.

"We have to keep up. There is no way to predict how long fossil fuels will be available in the future. So if you want to continue in the industry, you have to become more sustainable. Because if there's no authentic fuel left, then logically, cars can't run anymore either." explains Jackij. He therefore continues to work on future plans in this area. What's next on the list? Solar panels at the office. He already has them at home, so providing his business with them as well is a logical next step. "We want to contribute to minimal pollution of our planet, and pass it on to the next generation. Collaborating with ecommit is an especially great addition for us!

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