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We are proud of our customers! And that is why we are only too happy to share their stories. Curious about their experiences with ecommit? Then let yourself be inspired and discover how we have helped our customers.

Jackij Aers – Aers Energy BV

“As an oil trader, we are naturally one of the bigger polluters in the world. Therefore, it is extra important to take our responsibility.”

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Ineke Hengsdijk - Eeterij ‘iets anders’

“ecommit came in with a good and watertight story that fit well with what we had in mind. Together we came up with the construction to add 1% to every customer bill. We invest this in projects that help reduce CO2-emissions through ecommit.”

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Benno Faase - Fidendum IT

“ecommit offers a convenient way to compensate.”

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Oscar Meijerink – LanceFree

“ecommit offers a very easy solution to go green. In a few easy steps. And it also makes you feel good, for yourself, your company and your environment. Highly recommended!”

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Bart Jansen - Laveto

“Normally those certificates are really something for big players, but through ecommit you can also buy a smaller piece, because they divide the certificates into small packages. That's a strong feature.”

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Wouter Dammers - Lawfox

“Sooner or later, everyone will have to take responsibility for their emissions. I think that, as a progressive law firm, we can set a good example. And offsetting through an initiative like ecommit is very accessible.”

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Mia Dieleman - Mia’s Restaurant en Lounge

“I would like to continue to make the company more sustainable, for the company itself, but especially for the environment. Awesome that something like this is possible through ecommit. This way we as a company can set a good example to consumers and inspire them to do something themselves.”

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Ineke Dominicus - Nachtje in de Kerk

“That's what's so great about ecommit, they create opportunities to still compensate, in addition to what you can do to the maximum at the moment.”

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Kees Zorge - Omniboost

“When I heard about the possibilities at ecommit, I was keen to take advantage of them. Everything is well organised and I can always see the current status of our compensation.”

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Marton Overbeeke – Overbeeke

“A special, new player that exudes confidence. I like to move with the times and want to be climate neutral.”

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Anita van Oeveren - PR Sailing

“There are times when we have to fly and a motorboat is needed for support of the race sailors. We compensate that in a simple, transparent and reliable way through ecommit.”

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Korné Walhout – Walhout

“ecommit inspired Korné to completely compensate carbon emissions from all of the company's projects.”

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Tom Willaert - WFS en Health By Nature

“The ecommit team has ambition, exudes power and is pioneering. This suits me and that makes compensating even better.”

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