Sustainability Projects: Blijvend Grasland

We're proud to announce our participation in the beautiful “Permanent Grassland” project! Managed by GreenDutch, this initiative focuses on trapping carbon in mineral agricultural soils, reducing CO2 emissions. The land is maintained sustainably by farmers, exclusively as grasslands. Through CO2 compensation via ecommit, you too can indirectly contribute to this noteworthy endeavor.

GreenDutch is a collaborative force with landowners and users in the Netherlands, driving innovative CO2 reduction projects. With a commitment to slashing the nation's CO2 emissions, they initiate local projects in natural and agricultural domains, offering CO2 compensation opportunities to businesses and governments and aiding landowners in pioneering climate projects and alternative revenue streams. GreenDutch, rich in expertise, ensures the technical and legal precision in the rollout of commercial CO2 reduction initiatives, and is dedicated to tailoring projects that align with the needs of landowners and users.

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