Our story

We want to ensure that every business can operate sustainably without effort.

Begin 2022 the founders of ecommit will take their first steps, aiming to find a solution to the emissions and carbon footprint of SMEs.

Ecommit Founders

Carbon credits

The solution to sustainability.

In its initial research, ecommit quickly came across a fast-growing phenomenon called "carbon credits". These CO2 certificates make it possible to offset a large part of the emissions we collectively create through sustainable projects that remove CO2 from the air.

After a successful initial market validation and an initial round of investment in late 2021, ecommit was established in spring 2022.

Meanwhile, there are already working 19 people to our fast-growing company!

What does ecommit do?

Research, procurement and distribution of carbon credits.

The theory is that any company can purchase CO2 certificates on the voluntary market. However, in practice, this has proven to be more difficult. The market is not very accessible, a purchase is time-consuming, and the packages of CO2 for sale are far too large for an SME.

ecommit tackles this procurement and takes this completely out of the hands of SMEs. ecommit does extensive research into the various sustainability projects and selects those that are reliable and of interest to SMEs. ecommit then purchases the CO2 certificates from these projects on the voluntary market.

These packages are often far too large for SMEs. Therefore ecommit divides these CO2 certificates into smaller pieces. This way each SME can buy the amount of CO2 certificates it wishes from ecommit. This can vary from month to month: the packages and ecommit are flexible.


We believe in a world in which goods and services are offered with a neutral carbon footprint.


We respect the following values:

  • Innovation

  • Professionality

  • Transparency

  • Quality

  • Safety


We are the leading specialist in professional CO2 compensation solutions for small and medium-sized companies in Europe and North America.


Ambassadors of sustainability in the virtual world.

To give the transition to a CO2-neutral world an extra boost, we have created a virtual world in addition to ecommit, called "ecolands".

Within the interactive world of ecolands you can invest in virtual land. If someone in the real world compensates for CO2, a “flag” is placed on the virtual map of ecolands. The owner of the virtual land on which this flag is placed receives a reward, while at the same time contributing to offsetting CO2 emissions. Through the collaboration with ecolands you can now interactively ensure that your virtual investment has an impact on the world.

ecolands and ecommit are determined to create a community of ambassadors who work together for carbon offsets.

More about ecolands

Our team

A passionate team helping to accelerate the sustainability transition.

Our team, advisors and partners share professional backgrounds in SME, finance, law, healthcare and technology.

Together we ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises can offset CO2 safely, securely and with full transparency towards customers, financiers and governments.

More about our team

The future

Carbon offsetting is becoming increasingly important.

Going forward, ecommit will serve a wide range of industries and sectors, with one central theme: carbon offsetting.

Just about every company emits CO2. Some more than others, but almost no company is completely emission-free. With governments finding it increasingly difficult to meet climate targets, carbon offsetting is becoming increasingly important.

At ecommit, we are committed to making carbon offsetting as easy for SMBs as ordering a meal with your smartphone. In this way, we want to ensure that companies can effortlessly contribute to a cleaner planet in the future.

These entrepreneurs already offset their CO2 emissions through ecommit

Carbon offsetting for more sustainable business

What does your organisation need to become more sustainable? Ecommit offers a solution. We provide tailor-made solutions to offset your company's CO2 emissions.

Questions about more sustainable business?

Do you have a question or do you want more information? Contact us for a free consultation.

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