Compensate together

By default, charge a fee for nature projects to your customers.

For example, put 1.5% sustainability fee on your account. Sustainable business without extra costs for you. Take a look at our calculation example below.

Calculate and compensate

Arranged quickly

Completely unburdened by ecommit.


Decide for yourself how much you compensate.


Monthly choose what you do and don't compensate.

100% Betrouwbaar

Get real-time insight into all sustainability projects.

Sustainable earning.

Imagine you have a company with an annual turnover of €500,000 and you decide to pass on 1.5% of your turnover, to cover your CO2 emissions, to your customers. This means €7,500 is spent on sustainable projects through ecommit. And here comes the best part: in the second year of the partnership, you will receive a whopping 15% of that amount from ecommit as a bonus. That's €1,125! Free and for nothing! How good is that!

Because you and nature deserve better!

Wondering what this could mean for your organisation?

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“ecommit offers a convenient way to compensate.”

Benno Faase — Fidendum IT

These entrepreneurs already offset their CO2 emissions through ecommit

Questions about more sustainable business?

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